dinnerndash.com Is it true that woman cannot get pregnant during menstruation?
Technically, it is true but sperms have a lifespan of five days thus there is a slim possibility for pregnancy if a woman had sex during her period and ovulation occurred a little early.
Is a personfs lifestyle connected in any way to increased or decreased fertility?
Nature has provided various ways for women to be as fertile as possible
under a wide variety of circumstances. However, the environment that humans have built sometimes prove not to be conducive to pregnancy. Relaxing a busy lifestyle helps things along and proves that most often than not, pregnancy can be achieved with a little more time and a lot less effort.
Are there certain medications which cause decreased fertility?
There are medications such as specific types of antibiotics that can cause decreased fertility or renders birth control pills ineffective thus resulting to unplanned pregnancy. The intake of any kind of medication is best done under the supervision or prescription of a doctor.
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